Simple Pleasures


It’s easy to get caught up in the frustrating minutiae of everyday life, so much so that we forget to value the little things. Sometimes we need to be more appreciative of what we do have, rather than dwell on what we don’t.

WORDS Josephine Clark-Wroe

The term “indulge” so often carries the connotation of being something expensive,.Whether it costs time or money, we see it as a special treat every now and then. Now there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, but imagine how much nicer it would be if we could learn to indulge all day, every day?
Well I think that we can!

When I was growing up I never went without. I started casual work when I was 13, so I quickly learnt how to indulge in all sorts of things that I didn’t really need. Maybe that’s why it came as such a shock earlier this year when I lost my job and therefore my ability to purchase whatever my heart desired, whenever I wanted.
My parents were ever so kind in lending me money for life’s necessities, but after a month into the gloomy pit of unemployment it is fair to say that I was having withdrawals from retail therapy, lunch dates at cute cafes and my daily, soy-chai latte. Over that past five months however, I have found greater ways to indulge in and enjoy each day without spending a dime.

This may be too ideological or just plain wishful thinking, but I have learnt that indulging in and appreciating the small things in life really does go a long way. The word indulge can be defined as allowing oneself to enjoy the pleasure of something; so without sounding like too much of a free-spirited self help guide, I have compiled a list of things to indulge in and appreciate every day.

  1. Sunsets: How often do you take a moment to really watch the sunset?
  2. When the train door stops right in front of you: It may sound ridiculous but I am never, not excited when this happens.
  3. A cup of tea (or coffee): Tea is pretty much a hug- in liquid form.
  4. Your phone battery lasting an entire day.
  5. The smell of old books: Caution – walking around smelling books in the library may look a bit weird.
  6. Being interested in what your lecturer or tutor is saying.
  7. Reaching the word count on a paper.
  8. The sound of rain.
  9. Getting your own seat on the train.
  10. When a slow driver in front of you changes lanes: Hallelujah!

To indulge in these little things, simply means to allow ourselves to recognise them and enjoy them on a daily basis. It is really the little things that connect the big events to each other and it’s the little things that make up our everyday lives. So while I am still a huge supporter of retail therapy, I encourage you to not let the world get you down, but instead allow yourself to enjoy and indulge in the little, but ever so important, things in life.