Nathan’s Hot List of the Week No.1


Introducing… Nathan’s Hot List of the Week, as our editor-in-chief’s pick of hot topics of the week, or really just the trashy sh*t he came across with when he’s under the influence of many things.

WORDS Nathan Li


1. Sex Sells… Potato Chips

Once again it proves that sex sells… and it sells just anything, and even, potato chips. The Red Dock Deli Sour Cream & Caramelised Onion ad has gotta be the hottest commercial on television right now.


2. Men In White T

Guys, it’s official! White t-shirts do make you look more attractive. Studies find that plain white t-shirts create the illusion (yeah not the real thing I’m sorry) of broader shoulders and slimmer waist hence a more V-shaped and more attractive body on man. Get amongst it!

3. Chilling with Andrew Redford

Megan and I got to mingle with top-listed editors (so are we) and some of the best Australian uprising music talents this week at the launch of Telstra Road To Discovery. TRDD is a program that supports emerging Australian artists by providing a guided pathway into the Australian music industry. This year the winner will get mentorship from Bon Jovi! Hey music enthusiasts, we think you should all give this a go!

The launch was awesome and filled with live music from the likes of Pete Murray and Ella Hooper. The best part is Megan and I got to chill with Andrew Redford like bros… Gotta love our jobs!


4. We Can’t Stop?

Miley’s new song has our office divided. Just like the YouTube likes, half of us hate the song (with a passion I suspect) and half of us just can’t stop loving it. Either way it’s a pretty catchy song with almost too much free spirit and it won’t escape your head any easily.


5. Oh Julia…

All the feminism and misogyny in the air lately has gotta lead to something eventually – the leadership spill (yet again!) – not hot at all. What is hot is the legacy that Julia Gillard left behind as the first female prime minister of Australia and the reforms her party introduced. And I agree with Josephine Clark-Wroe in her earlier take of the situation, just the eloquence, grace and class that she consistently embodies, with whatever situations and attacks thrown at her, really shows the strength she has – the one personal trait that’s really relevant.