Film Review: The Internship


REVIEW Shahbaz Malik

The Internship revolves around two sales guys (Vince Vaughn’s Billy McMahon and Owen Wilson’s Nick Campbell) who become redundant due to the rise of modern technology. Billy manages to score an internship with Google, joined by Nick, hopefully leading to a job in the future.  The story delves into a Hunger Games-like battle called “Noogle” with other competitive interns.

The movie works best when it shows its heart to the audience. The ultimate message is that the union of different generations can conquer many challenges. It also manages to subtly comment on the current generation that suffers from a lack of social ability, possibly caused by the explosion of social networking.

The film falls flat on its over-representation of characters (come on, no one in Australia is as bogan as Bridesmaid‘s Rose Byrne’s character) and most of the humour has already been seen during TV spots and trailers.

The Internship is a movie that deals with contemporary social issues, but provides no depth into them whatsoever. Instead, it offers a mindless and a kind-of funny film.

It’s not a movie that requires a lot of brain power, but if you just want a bit of fun at the cinema, then The Internship is for you.

Rating: 2.8 out of 5