Album Review: Random Access Memories by Daft Punk


REVIEW Igor Lukacevic

After eight years, a fuck-tonne of hype, and several dubious touring rumours, Daft Punk are back with their long-awaited fourth studio album.

In a climate of mediocrity and complete over-saturation in the electronic music world (thanks to the EDM boom), many punters have hoped that Random Access Memories will be the much needed saviour of “good music”.

Fortunately, they’ve managed to do a lot of things right. It could’ve turned out to be just another disco throwback, which wouldn’t have been met with much disapproval. But Bangalter and Homem-Cristo have instead created a fresh, well-rounded conceptual album, while still retaining their signature sound we’ve all grown to love.

Objectively, not all tracks on this record are mind-blowing, though there are certainly some noteworthy gems which add to their arsenal of swagged out tunes. This includes the nine-minute, sentimental-intergalactic ‘Giorgio by Moroder’, and melodically-cheesy-but-so-groovy-and-amazeballs ‘Instant Crush’ featuring The Strokes’ douchebag front man Julian Casablancas.

Random Access Memories is definitely worth checking out. It might not be as mega as Homework, but when you put things into perspective, it’s a very welcome breath of fresh air into the stagnancy of mainstream electronic music.

Hop on it everybody. It is by all means necessary that you do. Swag out.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5