7 Steps To A Healthier You


Cheat your way to good health on a student budget with these tips. 

WORDS Nicola Donovan

1. Healthy and ‘appy

There are hundreds of health apps just waiting to be downloaded. They can help you get fit and happy for free! How nice of them. Return the favour by installing as many as you can immediately.

2. Cheap classes

Attending fitness classes at your local community centre is a great way to boost your physical and social well-being. The added bonus is that you will pay next to nothing compared to the cost of a gym membership.

3. Library loans

Libraries often offer a selection of fitness, yoga and pilates DVDs for you to borrow. Instead of buying your next work out, why not hire it for free?

4. Leave the labels

When your pharmacist asks if you would like the generic version of your prescription, say yes. You will find that the generic has the same active ingredients as what the doctor prescribed, and sometimes even comes from the same factory!

5. Hygienic health

This one’s free. It’s simple to follow basic hygienic rules, like covering your mouth when you cough. This also includes not skipping washing your hands after you go to the bathroom if you’re in a hurry! Ignoring these simple rules can have a significant impact on your health.

6. Get your sleep

With never-ending exams and assignments it can be hard to get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. But guess what? Staying up late and cramming won’t help you. It will just make you tired, grumpy and zap your energy. Instead, try recording what you need to learn and drift off to sleep with it playing. You will be surprised when morning comes by just how much information you’ve retained – with next to no effort!

7. Beauty on a budget

Do you enjoy receiving free products? Of course you do! Websites like www.pinchme.com.au give you the opportunity to discover exciting new products and try them for free. You simply choose a product from a leading brand, and they will deliver it to your home or workplace for free. You’re welcome.