LOL Your Way to a 6-Pack


WORDS Aris Katsikis

Have you ever laughed so hard and for so long that your abs hurt? Do you lack friends funny enough to maintain this mid-section pump? Have no fear; your answer is here!

The sore muscles you get are called your transverse abdominals and they are part of your core. They’re called this because of the direction of the muscle fibres, horizontal instead of vertical. Also they’re your innermost abs. When these bad boys tighten, your entire core squeezes in giving that athletic look that sets your stomach apart.

Here are the steps:

  1. Take a deep breath. Not to the point where you’re simulating emphysema. Just deep.
  2. Exhale so that you push ALL of the air out whilst making the best conscious effort to make your belly button touch your spine.
  3. Hold this for 8 seconds.
  4. Now do this 9 more times.

You can do this exercise anywhere and it won’t get you sweaty or require yoga pants. However it WILL show you results very quickly, especially if this is new to you!

For more info, look up ‘stomach vacuum’ on the interweb.

To make it harder, get on all fours and utilise gravity for added resistance.

Happy flexing!