Student Group Profile: Rotaract@MQ’s


Do you enjoy making new friends locally and internationally? Are you looking to develop yourself professionally while creating a professional network for yourself? Have you been thinking of getting more involved in community projects? If you’ve answered yes to at least one of the following, then Rotaract is the club for you!

Did that sound too much like a marketing pitch? Well, in a way it is. We are marketing ourselves as looking to add to our bevvy of lifelong friends. Yup, you read that right. We pride ourselves on establishing lifelong friendships with our club members as well as everyone else that we meet along the way. That includes members from other societies, local communities and members of Rotaract clubs all around the world. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Rotaract stands for “Rotary in Action”. We are supported by Rotary International (our parent organisation). You’ll find Rotaractors between the ages of 18 and 30 years young in over 7000 clubs all over the world

We also do our best to expand our members’ understanding of the work environment through networking mixers, seminars, leadership development courses and much more. So you see, we’re not all fun and games, We work hard as well. Case in point, the Cultural Intelligence Workshop held on the 27th of April. Attendees were provided with the tools to develop cross-cultural awareness and develop their ability to communicate and connect across cultures through practical real-life examples.

We are big on community and international service as well. Our current ongoing community project is Homework Help at the Eastwood Library every Wednesday afternoon where we help primary school kids with their homework. As for the international service aspect, we do our part by providing support for natural disaster victims (an example would be the severe floods in Manila) and working on environmental projects. How do we know if we’re helping over there, if we’re way over here in Sydney? Well, our support reaches the target groups directly through our sister clubs in the region of that particular project.

An exciting new project we’ve undertaken is the organization of our own “Biggest Morning Tea” for the Cancer Council. The Rotaract Club of Macquarie University would like to do our part in beating cancer and would like you to join us this 22nd of May at our Rotaract@MQ’s ‘Biggest Morning Tea’ event. We will be stationed outside Campus Hub (a little bird told me over some crumbs that we will be positioned just outside Marxine’s Courtyard) from 10am until 2pm.

Visit our page on the ‘Biggest Morning Tea’ website if you want to find out more about our event or even donate to the cause: Or, you can look for our event on Facebook and join it to get updates. While you’re at it, help us out by sharing it with your friends. Just search for Rotaract@MQ’s ‘Biggest Morning Tea’.

So, have I sold you on the idea of joining the Rotaract Club of Macquarie University (or as we are fondly known, Rotaract@MQ) yet? For anything else on Rotaract, you can find more information about us at or connect with us on Facebook. Send us a message and we’ll send you an invite to one of our fortnightly meetings (yes, they are free to attend), which are held every second Wednesday at 6.30pm. Trust me, attending a meeting is so much more fun than reading about us online. Plus, you get to meet the crazy crew of R@MQ.