Invest your trust with IMBG


By Neha Chopra

It is challenging to enter the fields of investment banking and finance. Given the highly competitive nature of the finance industry, it helps to have an organisation which functions to look out for and provide you with information to establish a competitive edge in the race to the finish line.

I am the President of Macquarie University’s Investment Management and Banking Society (IMBG). I am currently in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Commerce/Laws. Having experienced the difficulties in gaining access to finance news and opportunities that catered to my needs as a student, I realised there was a need in Macquarie University, like so many universities before it, for a society that served to inform and educate students about their potential career path. For this reason, I revived the IMBG in January of this year.

IMBG effectively aids students in gaining entry into the investment and finance sectors by providing informative sessions with representatives from financial organisations who will provide members with insight into what it takes to get ‘the job’. We also aim to foster and promote interest in investment and trading strategies through various events and seminars.

This way, students will have the ability to gain better insight into the finance and investment industry. IMBG will be the channel through which students connect with employers of the investment and banking industry sectors, providing investment-related exposure is our vision. Through enforcing these objectives, we will strive to deliver results through fulfilling our aims as an investment and finance society.

To welcome current and potential members to the brand new IMBG society, we have organised a special event that aims to enable networking with fellow students as well as industry professionals. The details of the event are as follows: 

Tea with IMBG

WHEN: 14 May, 12-2pm

WHERE: TBA on the IMBG Facebook page.


12:00-12:05 – Register to become a member of the IMBG Society.

12:05- 12:15 – Introduction to IMBG, who we are, our vision and how to be a member.

12:15-12:35 – Tehani from Bloomberg gives an introduction to Bloomberg and the all-important BAT testing, speaks about how to get a competitive edge when applying for jobs and the benefits of remaining vigilant when it comes to preparing for the investment and finance industries.

12:35-12:55pm – Q&A with Tehani.

12:55-1:00pm – Break.

1:00-1:20pm – Presentation by Adelina, a recent Macquarie University Graduate now working at NAB.

1:20-1:40pm – Q&A with Adelina.

1:40-2:00pm – Networking, member sign-up and refreshments.

Proud President of IMBG: Neha Chopra