Welcome to Issue 3 ‘Comedy’ – To Laugh or Not to Laugh?


By Nathan Li

Funny or not, laughing can get us a long way, no matter what situations we are in. As Editor-in-Chief Nathan Li outlines, the nature of this issue of Grapeshot Magazine reflects exactly our state of mind at this point.

It wasn’t a good week that began with Margaret Thatcher’s death. Here at Grapeshot we fell into a series of accumulated interpersonal issues that we finally had to deal with. North Korea continues to threaten the world with nuclear weapons. The USA is in a streak of mess at the moment: Boston bombing, Texas explosion and shooting at Massachusetts Institute of Technology – not long after the gun control bill failed to pass. DIY rainbows are popping up around the world in protest against the removal of the briefly iconic rainbow pavement on Oxford Street. Same sex marriage is now legalised in New Zealand, setting a trend in the Asia-Pacific region – something worth celebrating at least?

The world is chaos and what do we do about it? We laugh. We joke about things. And hopefully we can disassociate ourselves from the issues. Memes on the Internet are increasingly popular. They are funny, and they are a great pastime – they sure take up too much of our time and our head. Memes, despite how much the stereotypes they play with are true, seem to delayer the root of the problems and disguise our concerns into, well, jokes.

For this issue, we aimed to bring you a Grapeshot Magazine to take you away from all the pressure of university work and expectations. I am sorry we failed to do that, as we simply created another publication which reflects the problems we have around us. It is an issue about comedy, and we drill down to the processes behind the humour. We look at the ethics of jokes from the perspectives of multiculturalism (p.23 and p.16) and political correctness (p.24). We demonstrate the creative struggles in Australia as a student and as a working artist – with the governments’ response (p.18). Essentially, laughing is good for you, and we outline the science behind laughter (p.14).

On a happier note (as how it should’ve been), this issue of Grapeshot Magazine coincides with the Sydney Comedy Festival. We have an interview with YouTube sensations Superwog and Mychonny (p.16) and lots of giveaways to some of the awesome acts for the festival. For real comic relief, we have started a new feature on our website – ‘Sh*t Megan Finds’ – brought to you by no other than our awesome little Megan. She loves to troll through the Internet for gossip and random materials, and of course we can’t refrain from sharing them with you – be sure to check out our website grapeshotmq.com.au for all the deeds and more.

It is a lot of information to take on with a lot of factors to consider and a lot of issues to be concerned about. In the end, just laugh my friends – whether it is an awkward laugh, a self-indulged one or an inconsiderate one. (Has anyone heard of or participated in a laughing competition before? YouTube it – it’s hilarious!)