Vision on Money and Values


By Megan Chiew

There was a time where everyone thought that money could buy anything in this world. Well, there are some things that you will never get from the shops, the Internet or the market. No matter how much effort you put into the search.

It is true that:

  • Money can buy houses that provide families safety and shelter – but can money buy the close bond between family members?
  • Money can buy food that satisfies the hunger of human beings ­– but can money buy the fate and future that everyone desires?
  • Things that are precious to us are like money to us, sometimes they are priceless and sometimes you need to sacrifice time and effort to sustain them.
  • Even as trees are cut down, buildings fall, and animals become extinct, money will never become redundant. With the growth of business, marketing, product and stocks, I am sure money is probably going to be around as long as humans exist.

From a different perspective, money plays such a vital role in our daily lives. Inevitably we see its value. Different people have different values in them. The values could be innate or learned – but this is not the main point!

When we disagree upon values, we do not just look at the mere money that people possess or the property that they gain and invest in. It is true that physically, we see a first impression of someone that she or he is rich and may have more authority to gain control. However, people begin to look at the inner values in them as time goes by. These values include their attitude, personality, knowledge and wisdom.

Is a caring middle-class person more valuable compared to a rich person who is brutal? Is a poor engineer more valuable and ‘useful’ compared to a rich socialite? There are many answers to these questions. Society may accept them but probably the less valuable you are the less people favour you. We associate money with value and value with a price and then there is competition between people for valuables. Everything intertwines with one another and the cycle continues.

Why do we compare these aspects to money?

The value of money can be explained in a more abstract way. It is similar to transforming an external item to represent the subjectivity of the internal feature of positive traits that one has.

The positive traits lead them to contributing to society and gaining a good reputation. Everyone sees the greatness in them and wishes to be like them.

Money can’t buy attitude or wisdom. These positive traits are actually the ‘money’ which ‘buys’ another’s heart. When you are able to ‘buy’ someone’s heart you have the ability to captivate them, your charisma and cheerfulness makes others adore you. The knowledge and the information that you possess is what is hidden in your complex mind like a treasure chest full of gems and jewellery, continually attracting them.

I am not sure if everyone has that skill. Particular skills are your ‘money’ that will forever be safe in your pocket. No one can take it away from you.

Money  is imperative in satisfying our needs and material desires. However, the other ‘form’ of ‘money’ is worth holding onto and never letting go.

Reflecting on money in such a way just shows me that the world is cruel. Values and money is entirely determined by your position in society.

In the end, people strive to achieve the highest position in society possible. Some positions take millions of hours, some many years and some just go on and on. Therefore, these are all valuable like money. People use their own ‘money’ distinct potential and talent, to make themselves a commodity to get acknowledgment and power. Simplicity of the world will never occur as long as the complex mind of human beings with talent, emotion, positive and negative values exist.

Megan is from Malaysia and currently an art student majoring in media, culture and communication at Macquarie University. She has a passion for writing and loves to share her thoughts through this hobby.