Macquarie Student Assaulted on Campus


By Olivia Whenman

Last Thursday a young female Macquarie student in the Village was assaulted. So my guess is everyone is wondering “OMG what can girls do to prevent this from happening to themselves?”

But NO, that’s not going to work for me anymore.

If one more person tries to tell me that I should always walk with someone at night, that I shouldn’t dawdle whilst sitting in the car alone, that I shouldn’t take a drink off that guy at the club because he’s probably spiked it with GHB, I’m going to punch them in the face.

I get it but NO.

This old archaic view that WOMEN need to prevent themselves from being assaulted by MEN is a stupid one that I elect to ignore.


I’m a girl, so what? Doesn’t give you the right to assault me when I walking home by myself, or whilst I’m sitting in the car on my phone, or when I’m at the club. Women shouldn’t have to “be careful”. Men shouldn’t assault us in the first place. It shouldn’t always fall onto the woman to stop these situations.

How else could this girl have stopped this from happening to herself in any way whatsoever?

She was sleeping in her bedroom. HE broke in. HE had no permission to enter HER bedroom. Again, SHE was in HER bedroom. HE broke in. What else could she do to prevent him from assaulting her? Set up trip wires at her bedroom door so no one could enter without her knowledge? Mmmm yeah that’s not paranoid behaviour or anything. But that’s the truth of it. I’m growing up in a generation of paranoid women because of the behaviour of a few bad men. [pullquote_left]I’m growing up in a generation of paranoid women because of the behaviour of a few bad men.[/pullquote_left]

Do women need to start becoming paranoid about being attacked when sitting around at home in their trackies? Clearly, no matter how hard women try to stay out of harms way there is always a man out there who will see an opportunity to abuse a woman’s right to be safe. In fact, according to the White Ribbon Organisation “Anywhere from one-quarter to one-third, and even up to one-half, of Australian women will experience physical or sexual violence by a man at some point in their lives, as nationally representative surveys have found.” Fortunately, it is organisations like White Ribbon that are motivating people to look at violence against women in a different light, one that doesn’t solely place all the preventative techniques on women.

Therefore, next time you go tell a girlfriend to stay safe, also tell a guy friend that “NO means NO.”

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

NOTE: In no way am I saying women shouldn’t practice safe behaviour. In fact, has a great self defence guide so you can feel more confident in dishing out some whoop ass if some jerk can’t grasp the concept of NO.

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