Welcome to Issue 1 ‘Reboot’ – New Year! New Look! New Grapeshot!


By Nathan Li

Celebrate a new beginning shall we?

Take a look at the first issue of Grapeshot Magazine for 2013!

It was a phenomenal and turbulent year for 2012. Despite the false apocalypse prophecy, the world did end for some in 2012: the iconic Whitney Houston and Neil Armstrong, the Gossip Girl series (finally!), the sticky but short glory of Gangnam Style, and closer to home, the time not having to pay for student services and amenities and, indirectly, for carbon pollution.

It may seem sad, but endings are not necessarily all detrimental. As cliché as it sounds, we should not sulk because it ended, but be grateful because it happened – and more importantly, look forward to a new beginning (which we cast, to a certain extent, by paying). And in fact, the Mayan prophecy for the end of the world was simply a turning point for their new calendar – it is a perfect symbol that indicates us to leap into a new era.

This year, we are proud to bring you a bigger and better Grapeshot Magazine (with a bigger team and in a new office). Just as we have coincidentally themed this issue as ‘Reboot’, we are aiming to reiterate a fun and vibrant campus culture with our student publication.

While maintaining the quirky edge of Grapeshot Magazine, we will look deeper into our life as university students and investigate issues that matter to our present and future. While we will keep you in touch with all the happenings in Macquarie, Sydney and the world, we also hope that you are in touch with us. We will need your opinions, participation and, of course, submissions. The core value of Grapeshot Magazine has never changed – we are a publication for students by students.

In 2013, we will continue to build on this value and strive to take Grapeshot Magazine to the next level and the best place it could be. We, by all means, need your input.

Welcome to 2013! Welcome to the new Grapeshot Magazine! Welcome to the new world!