I don’t know if you’ve heard of us, but we’re Mac-appella, Macquarie University’s student a-cappella singing group. If you’ve attended a Graduation Ceremony over the past year and a half, chances are you might have heard us sing. This special occasion is our most important performance as it is our biggest opportunity for the Macquarie community to get to know us.
But in case you haven’t gotten to know us yet: Hi, we’re Mac-appella. We sing, laugh, sing, hang out, and sing. A-cappella is a style of music where the voice is the sole instrument, so in case you haven’t figured it out, singing is pretty much our essence. We’re an amateur group of about twenty that rotates at the beginning of each semester; old members retire, new members sign up. Some members have had little musical background and have learnt much from Mac-appella, and some are well-seasoned singers who were looking for a place at the university to practise their art.
We were formed in 2010, by Jan Hofmann, Guillermo Umaña, and Kurt Lin, three international Macquarie students from three different continents. Noticing a lack of music societies at Macquarie, they set about making their own, recruiting singers from friends and friends of friends. MUS (Macquarie University Singers) gave us the opportunity to debut at one of their concerts, giving us our first break. At the start of 2011, we were formally registered as a student society.
In the past, we’ve performed at various locations for community events, such as in Cabramatta and Blackheath, as well with MUS (Macquarie University Singers), who kindly offers us the support of performing with them. Don’t get us mixed up though; MUS focuses on traditional big choir pieces, but pop songs are our forte! Our next big concert is our Music Night, where we get to showcase what we’ve learnt each semester. We will perform an arrangement of songs, such as “Don’t Stop Me Now,” “Semi-Charmed Life” and “Forget You” as well as a new choir piece “All is one and one is all.”
Well, thank you for taking some time to get to know us, but we’d like to get to know you. Why not check us out at our next Music Night, or maybe even sing with us next semester (we’re always in need of male basses). Hope to see you around!
If you’re interested in joining, we hold auditions for interested members at the start of each semester. Please register your interest with us during O-Week and Diversity Week by visiting our stall, or by sending us an email directly.

Facebook page:

Music Nights:
When: 7pm, Thursday 17 May and Monday 21 May
Where: Drysdale Room, Level 3, Campus Hub.
Cost: Free!