Enigmatic Spiderman Limps to Campus


Macquarie University Art Gallery’s latest exhibition, Engimas, will be showcasing works from Stephen Birch and Alex Gawronski. The two artists worked closely together before Birch passed away in 2007. We will be presented with works from Birch, from series such as, ‘No Man’s Land’ and ‘Untitled’, together with Gawronski’s response. The curator, Leonard Janiszewski, describes some of Birch’s pieces as “dismembered human forms and super heroes, artificial debris, books created as if out of stone, and video talking heads, [which] engulf the viewer into a surreal world that actually captures the everyday.” Gawronski continues his series in the surrealist style, speaking of his own work: “I was likewise drawing from a similar interest in the historical legacy of Surrealism and its connection to notions of the uncanny.

Therefore a work like ‘Open-faced’, a carved, enlarged clock face without hands, distantly hints at the persistence of the image of the clock in the work of an artist like the proto-Surrealist Giorgio de Chirico. At the same time it plays with the poeticism of Birch’s suspended sculpted ‘moon face’ as well as with previous of my own works, most notably ‘Afterthought’ – also exhibited at Macquarie University gallery.”
This exhibition will be officially launched by Rosemary Laing, on of Australia’s leading contemporary photo-based artists on 24th May, 6pm.
Exhibition Open: 9th May – 22nd June, Macquarie University Art Gallery, E11A, ground floor.