DRAMAC is the primary drama society at Macquarie University, established in 1967 by Gillian Levitt “presumably because Macquarie University needed a drama society” said Sydney Abba, DRAMAC Publicity Officer. Since it’s founding, DRAMAC has seen some of Australia’s who’s who in its ranks such as comedian Chris Lilley and ABC presenter ‘Hex’ (Stephanie Bendixsen).

Currently, it has approximately 400 members, but “we have a constant turnover of students, acting, writing, directing or producing.”
Therein lies the ‘beauty’ of DRAMAC, according to Sydney Abba, DRAMAC’s Publicity officer “…there is literally a role for everyone. You don’t have to act to be in the society, because we need producers, directors, writers, costume designers, lighting technicians, exec members and just a wonderful audience to enjoy our shows!”
Throughout the year, the society holds seven plays showcasing the variety of talent that Macquarie University has on offer.
“A stand out was a student written play “A Dark Day’s Knight” which featured fifty plus hand sewn original costumes and some amazing lightsaber choreography.”
The current ‘spot’, Godzilla, features four unseen student plays. It held open auditions for the entire society.
Coming up, DRAMAC will have a Comedy Review, featuring sketches and skits, all written by Macquarie University students, and is expected to be “a whole lot of funny”. Following on from this, will be ‘3.5 Spot’ and ‘A Half Spot’. These could be about almost anything and will run for one week.
But that’s not all, “Right after [that], we have a full spot, ‘4th Spot’, which usually features a big cast and a big play! Our final spot of the year is small [limiting the cast] to eight people and only runs for a week.
“There is literally a show for everyone!”
Plays are chosen through a democratic pitching process whereby students get to vote for the shows they want to see.
To less serious events, DRAMAC has “a never-ending social side, whether it’s group events or individual hang out sessions. You won’t believe it until you actually experience it, but everyone finds friends in DRAMAC.”

For more information:
Email: info@dramac.org
Website: www.dramac.org
Facebook page: DRAMAC