Rude Customers


We’re all students, obviously slumming it to some extent and are therefore experiencing the joys of casual work. Hospitality and retail offer the most joy. “Rude customers”, in the words of Peter Griffin, “really grind my gears”. This rant is for you.

Firstly, you are out enjoying your highly unappreciated leisure time by drinking, café dining or wasting your coin on the latest must-haves – so you should be in a good mood to start with. And secondly, being rude is not okay. Rudeness is ugly. I just can’t fathom how people can be so rude to the poor employees behind the register or coffee machine who are just doing their job, trying to pay their bills and get by. If you think talking on the phone with your manicured nails and your over-powering expensive perfume is ok, and we all just have to wait until you’re finished with your cackling conversation, well, think again.

I call for all waiters and retail workers to unite and revolt against customers’ rudeness. Stand up to rudeness; say no – even if it means the tip jar will be a little lighter.

by Elise Cullen