Campus Wellbeing


This month I’m going to be giving you some bad news and some good news. With Winter fast approaching, and some days feeling as if it is already upon us, it seems most of us are bound to get sick at some stage over the next couple of months. So, if that’s the bad news, I guess you’re wondering what the good news is. Macquarie University offers a service known as Campus Wellbeing, which provides medical assistance, counselling and other services to students and staff at Macquarie.

The fact that the service is available is not the only good news, general appointments are bulk-billed through Medicare and shouldn’t cost you anything, which as a student with limited funds and a runny nose should make you very happy. If, like me, your plan this year is to avoid getting sick altogether, then the medical service can help you even further. For a small fee of $20 you can get a flu vaccination, which is bound to save you heaps when you think of the cost of throat lozenges, tissues, etc. Not to mention you won’t have to be the dreaded nose blower/cougher during the exam period this semester. So, do yourself and everyone else a favour and go and get vaccinated.

For more information on the services offered by Campus Wellbeing, visit their website:

by Kieran Sly