Satirist Rising: Julie Koh’s ‘Portable Curiosities.

Words || Cameron Colwell “Now is not the time for realistic fiction.” – Margaret Atwood  Like Murakami with more edge, or Kurt Vonnegut but less sentimental, Julie Koh has assembled in Portable Curiosities a collection of potent, morbid short stories, each one hilarious and dark in equal measure. I’ll be honest: I’ve been keeping an…

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Musings From Law School

Words || Regina Featherstone Back in 2011, I was excited to begin at Macquarie University. The grass, lake and the trees made me feel relaxed about moving to Sydney from my home in Lithgow, at the bottom of the Blue Mountains. However, upon enrolment, I was shocked by the number of compulsory units I would…

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Macquarie SRC

SRC Constitution Potentially Hinders Debate

Words || Angela Heathcote A pervasive topic of discussion at the most recent SRC meeting was the ongoing criticism the governing body has received from the university publication, Grapeshot. In Grapeshot’s most recent issue – Cacti, Yehuda Aharon, the magazine’s Features Editor reported on events that had occurred during the SRC’s last meeting which saw…

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The Challenge: Lucky-Dip Tattoo

Words || Phillip Leason Another Grapeshot meeting, and a few jugs have been drunk before we get to discussing ‘The Challenge’. The first idea is to turn me into a human cactus: acupuncture. That’s not far enough, apparently, so continuing the needles theme, Lucky-Dip Tattoo seemed like the next logical step. My better judgement lost…

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Wednesday Night Q & A: Environmental Policies

Satyajeet Marar, Member of the Macq Liberal Club The coalition’s environmental policy strikes a balance between protecting our environment and minimsing harm to our economy. It is mindful of the need to tackle challenges including climate change and threats to our flora and fauna whilst ensuring that working Australians and their families do not unfairly…

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A Lovable Narcissistic Monster

Angus Dalton in conversation with Benjamin Law… Benjamin Law’s parents, Jenny and Danny, fled Hong Kong leading up to the 1997 Chinese takeover of the territory from the British. They arrived in Brisbane as newlyweds, and over the years sixteen family members trickled over to meet them, nursing pregnant bellies and clutching tourist visas. Most…

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Grapeshot Travel Story: Nick goes to Borneo and Malaysia

Name: Nicholas Wasiliev Place Travelled: Sabah Province, Borneo, Malaysia What was your favourite city and why?   Kota Kinabalu, the capital and largest city of Sabah. This place really sums Malaysia, being in a place in transition; undergoing massive development, but also retaining a lot of local feel. Affectionately nicknamed ‘KK’, this city has amazing and…

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fast fashion

What Not to Wear: Shopping Ethically in the Era of Fast Fashion

Words || Belinda Ramsay  Have you ever stopped to think about who sewed together the shirt you’re wearing right now? Or whether the person who plucked the buds of cotton from the plant was even an adult? Whether it’s the cotton woven into our clothing or the raw materials collected to create our accessories, we…

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Monday night Q & A: Asylum Seeker Policies

Satyajeet Marar, Member of the Macq Liberal Club I’m writing this on exchange in Vienna amidst the worst migrant crisis in Europe’s recent history. Yesterday, news emerged that over 700 migrants are feared dead following a disaster in the Mediterranean sea. Meanwhile, public frustration and backlash against a minority of the new arrivals responsible for…

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Grapeshot Travel Story: Sarah goes to Tokyo

Name: Sarah Basford Place Travelled: Tokyo & surrounding areas What was your favourite city and why? Kamakura. I was pretty devastated that I couldn’t see much of Japan outside of Tokyo due to money and time restrictions. Luckily for me, a quick Google informed me that Kamakura is a great substitute for those who can’t…

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