Grapeshot Travel Story: Sarah goes to Tokyo

Name: Sarah Basford Place Travelled: Tokyo & surrounding areas What was your favourite city and why? Kamakura. I was pretty devastated that I couldn’t see much of Japan outside of Tokyo due to money and time restrictions. Luckily for me, a quick Google informed me that Kamakura is a great substitute for those who can’t…

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Macquarie SRC

Don’t know what your SRC is up to? It’s probably not your fault

Words || Yehuda Aharon In early April, News Editor of Grapeshot Magazine and member of the Student Representative Council, Anna Glen proposed two motions to radically improve the relationship the SRC holds with Grapeshot and the wider student body. As Grapeshot’s publisher is a member of Macquarie staff, the first motion related to the publisher’s…

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Cacti – Final Editor’s Letter

This issue is bittersweet for me. It’s my last after four years in various roles with Grapeshot. As my responsibilities grew so did my workload, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’ve made a whole bunch of friends, but I also hope I have contributed to the overall student landscape at Club…

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Soul Trade – The case against Live Exports

Words || Satyajeet Marar I’ve only ever cried once at the end of a movie… No, it wasn’t Titanic – I was too angry at Kate Winslet for letting Leo slip into deathly arctic depths and 10 years of oscarlessness – that raft was clearly big enough for both of them. It was Marley &…

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The Paper House: A Review

Words Cameron Colwell “My heart fell out on a spring morning — the kind that rose coolly in the east and set brightly in the west…” One of the problems I have with far too much modern fiction is that it rarely ever seems alive. If I get this feeling with an author who’s been…

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Monday Night Q & A: Penalty Rates

Satyajeet Marar, Member of the MACQ Liberal Club We can all agree that weekend penalty rates have become an important part of many industries. The 8 hour, 5 day standard work week has become parcel of working life in our great land. There is no reason why people giving up parts of their weekend to…

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1 in 4 young people still not enrolled to vote: ENROL NOW

Words || Nick Wasiliev  2016 is shaping up to be another important year in Australian politics, following the news that Malcolm Turnbull has officially announced he intends to hold a double-dissolution election on July 2. Now, most of us roll our eyes at even a mention of the world ‘politics’, and in all fairness, it’s…

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Koh Rong

Grapeshot Travel Story: Angela goes to Koh Rong Island

Name: Angela Heathcote  Place Travelled: Koh Rong Island, Cambodia  What was your favourite place in Cambodia and why?  Back in 2014 I travelled throughout Cambodia but there was honestly no place like Koh Rong Island. My group of friends and I had absolutely no intention of going here so it was a last minute decision….

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Thrashing Against the Script: A Review of Charles O’ Grady’s ‘Telescope’

  Words || Cameron Colwell  “One should always be in love. That’s the reason one should never marry.” – Oscar Wilde. Entering Telescope, at the Leichardt Town Hall, I found myself very quickly turning to comparisons to Kaleidoscope, playwright Charles O’ Grady’s earlier play, set in the same fictional universe. I suppose I wanted it…

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A Response to James Parker’s talks on campus…

Words || Timothy Zhang  I was asked to compose a response to a series of “lectures” recently held by the Catholic Society at Macquarie University. I personally attended the “lecture” named “Fluid Sexuality: Genes, Choice, Or Something More?” delivered by James Parker. Attended time: 1.20-2.00pm, 12th May 2016, Thursday Location: E7B T4 Macquarie University has…

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